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Tarot Card Colouring - Masterclass Edition

Tarot Card Colouring - Masterclass Edition

Connect with the mystery and wisdom of Tarot in a totally new way with the Art Maker Tarot Colouring Kit.

Learn how to read, interpret and gain insight from Tarot cards to help you approach and understand life's challenges and opportunities. Plus, combine the mindful and creative practice of colouring with your Tarot journey and colour in your own 78-card deck.

Each card is beautifully illustrated with a modern line art to colour and make your own

Key Features:

•kit includes: 32-page Tarot wisdom book, 78-card Tarot deck, 9 colouring pencils and a drawstring bag to store the cards

•size: 254mm x 330mm

•this kit allows consumers to connect with the ancient, yet on-trend practice of Tarot in a totally new way, with the opportunity to colour in their own Tarot card deck while enjoying the benefits of mindful colouring.

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