Distance Boosted Intuitive Reiki

Distance Intuitive Reiki session with extra added oomph.

  • 1 hour
  • 90 Australian dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Too busy to have a one on one session in person? Don't live locally? Reiki Distance Healing works the same as an 'in person' session - Relax at home knowing that you're still receiving the healing you need.  What you'll receive: - A full Chakra balancing Reiki treatment - Crystal healing & relaxation via a crystal grid - An Oracle card intuitively chosen for you including a mini reading/description of the card and how it relates to you at this moment. - Healing spirit guides are called in to amplify the healing for more of a powerful punch! You’ll experience the same Reiki treatment as the normal Reiki sessions, only this one has added extras for that 'boosted' oomph and to really pack a punch with all the healing goodness! I activate a crystal grid to promote relaxation and prime your chakras to start the healing process. Once this is complete, I then move onto the Reiki portion of the session and finish up with drawing you a Oracle card to see what you need to know at this moment. I work within the energy field/Aura of the body. In this field I can feel fluctuations and any blockages within your body. I balance your 7 main Chakras which are responsible for the organs and glands in the area that they are located within the body as well as any other areas I'm drawn to. How Does It Work? One of the many magnificent aspects of Reiki is that its healing ability is not constrained by space or time – you can perform distance healing on anyone, anything, anywhere at any point in time (past, present, or future). This is how Distance Reiki can happen. Energy doesn't know distance as we know it. I can 'send' the energy healing to you from me without even leaving my house! How is this so? Because at a quantum molecular level, we are all connected and can affect one other. We are all surrounded and connected by energy fields. Every single thing has one and they overlap each other. This means in a period of a single day, we have interacted with over 20 energy fields, effecting each other. The mere intention of sending love to someone can ‘move the needle’ (so to speak) in their being and energy field. What do I need to do? All you need to do is to be open to receiving the healing at the time of your appointment. I will send you an email with a Client Information Form, to get some background information and what it is that you would like to get out of the sessions. Book your session today. Price: $90 for a 1 hour session.

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Melissa Fenton Reiki Healing, Connaught Crescent, West Launceston TAS, Australia