Intuitive Healing with Melissa

Certified Reiki Master Healer and Meditation Guide.

Heal your body, naturally. I’m an experienced Reiki Therapist and a firm believer in a holistic approach to healing.

The human body is made up of the mind, body, and spirit. All three must be balanced, so that a free flow of the universal energy can be achieved. 

The meaning of the word Reiki is 'universal life energy'. Reiki Therapy is a non-invasive, calming and gentle way to relieve stress and pain, clear emotional blockages and balance ones energy. When you are balanced, it creates the perfect environment for your body to repair and heal itself allowing you to be your best self!​

​Your location is no barrier, I offer both in person and distance sessions worldwide with the exact same session benefits.

Unlock your intuition and heal your body.


A Healing & Meditation Membership

AND so much more!

"I highly recommend Melissa - amazing and very in tune with who I am - she discusses each treatment at the end of the session.We make a plan for each week and she has really helped with my mental health and well being.I really enjoyed my first group meditation and look forward to booking in more. Lovely, relatable and beneficial."

- Paula

Intuitive Reiki

Reiki with extra Oomph!

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